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Opening Comment

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The GRRW Collector website intent is to share information about Green Rifle Rifle Works, its guns, and its employees.  New material will be added on an ad hoc basis.  Please feel free to add comments about any part or aspect of the website.  If you also have one or more GRRW guns, feel free to share info or stories about them.

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  1. Frank Nienaber III

    I love your site. I own several GRRW guns etc. I was also wondering how to register for your forum?
    These guns and that time of buckskinning is a wonderful memory for me to think about.
    The friends, the times we had with these old guns, its hard to believe its all just an old mans memory.
    Time sure goes by fast.

    • Thanks for your comments, Frank. I’ve set this up primarily as a website where I post articles that I’ve written about some of the things I’ve learned about GRRW and the guns in my collection. It is meant to be a resource for people wanting to know more about GRRW and their guns. I do accept and will post comments such as the one you submitted and will try to answer any questions about GRRW that people want to submit. They can be made public in the Q&A section or kept private if the person requests.

  2. Mike Butler

    Bought my first half stock .54 GRRW Hawken back in 1974. I think it cost me around 325.00 dollars. She was a beautiful gun. I was a poor struggling college student at the time but managed to scrape together the money. Since then I have owned 4 plus a couple of Ozark Mountain Arms Hawkens. I love the history, the individualism of the free trapper and all of the fun that has come down the trail while being a buckskinner. Keep me posted on new things that pop up on your site and forum. If anyone know the whereabouts of a Jim Bridger GRRW Hawken let me know. Keep up the good work…!!! Elkcraz

    • Thanks for the post, Mike. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m working on a piece of nostalgia I’m calling the Heyday of the Hawken that summarizes the history of the Hawken Legend and discusses the many companies that attempted to satisfy the demand for authentic Hawken replicas in the 1970’s and 80’s, including Ozark Mountain Arms. I’ll follow that up with some fairly detail histories on each company and their guns. Check back periodically and see “What’s New”.

  3. Mike Butler

    I’ll check back off and on. I think it would be awesome if someone would put together a Hawken gun show of sorts and invite as many of the old gun makers and buckskinners as we could locate. There is a pretty good muzzleloader gun show in Monroe, WA in early March. My farmer buddy and I will attend that one. We are always on the prowl for Green River Hawkens or Ozark Mtn Arms copies.

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