The Heyday Of The Hawken

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Relive the days when the Hawken rifle was the rifle to have.  Explore the history of the legend.  Reacquaint yourself with the companies that produced the best semi-custom and mass produced Hawken replicas.  Go to The Heyday of the Hawken … Continued

Leman Trade Rifle

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The Leman Trade Rifle was by far the most popular gun GRRW made.  Price no doubt had a lot to do with its popularity as the Trade Rifle was almost half the cost of a half stock Hawken.  As in … Continued

GRRW Successors

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You’ve probably heard all the stories and rumors about what happened to GRRW’s barrel manufacturing equipment.  Did it go to California or to Oregon or was it junked?  Oh yes, I almost forgot the one about it going to Australia.  … Continued

Limited Production Guns

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Did you know that GRRW offered these guns at one time?  Check out some of the guns that Doc and the crew came up with that didn’t take off.  Not all of their early ambitious plans were readily accepted in … Continued

The GRRW Leman Indian Rifle

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A new post under Articles has been added about the full stock Leman rifle that was developed in 1974 by Phil “Bluejacket” Sanders shortly after he started working for Green River Rifle Works.  Check it out by clicking here:  Leman … Continued

Opening Comment

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The GRRW Collector website intent is to share information about Green Rifle Rifle Works, its guns, and its employees.  New material will be added on an ad hoc basis.  Please feel free to add comments about any part or aspect … Continued