The Buckskin Report Visits GRRW

The Buckskin Report Visits GRRW

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Reprint of an article by John D. Baird that appeared in the November, 1974 issue of Buckskin Report.  John Baird visits the Green River Rifle Works facility and describes what he saw and heard.  This is an excellent source of information on GRRW in the early days.

John says,

How do you describe a gun factory that is not a factory; a machine shop that doesn’t have a time clock, a production specialist or a fixed schedule of hours for the employees – or for that matter, a firearms producing facility that virtually shuts down while the workers don their buckskins and take off to a muzzle loading rendezvous, the boss and his wife in the vanguard?  Green River Rifle Works of Roosevelt, Utah is such and establishment.


If it wasn’t for the reference to guns, buckskins, and rendezvous, you might think he was talking about a Silicon Valley start-up.  Read what else he had to say here.